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Yoga Exercises For Improving Your Brain Power

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Suchi Mudra, Benefits,How to do, Duration

Suchi mudra is an effective mudra that is used in the elimination process of yoga. Suchi mudra How to do Suchi Mudra: First, touch both fists and keep them together. In front of the chest (basic position). While inhaling, stretch your right arm. Right and touch the index upward. Expand yours at the same time. The left-arm sustains this tension. for 6 breaths and then back to the basic position. Repeat this twice. Benefits of Suchi Mudra For severe chronic constipation. Do four times a day. Repeat six to twelve times for mild constipation Travelling or height. In this case, practice every morning before getting up for 5 to 10 hours. Minutes in the comfortable bed. Do mudra for a few minutes the Suchi Mudra often helps the first time you do it when You practice it at 7 o'clock, you can usually "download it" before 9 o'clock. Yogis have always been very concerned about daily elimination and Colon cleansing Angry, challenge, impat

The Healing Power Of Mudras On Physical Ailments

Mudras for a variety of health problems are found mainly in Chinese medicine. These generally have their origin in the theory of the five elements. The principle that remains unknown in the West. But Indian yoga teacher and healer Keshav Dev, who worked hard on the effects of mudras many years ago, can confirm the healing power of mudras. Healing power of mudras He says: "His destiny is in your hands and you must take it literally, not only because the lines of the hands indicate a person's past and future, but above all, because each finger has its own functions and its own power. Body. Knowing how to use this power will help you maintain your physical health and tranquillity. When I talk to patients' mudras, their first reaction is scepticism. Anjali Mudra They ask me: "How can I improve my illness with just pressing a few fingers? However, as soon as they begin to trust and do the exercises, they feel that the effects and scepticism are

Techniques For Enhancing The Effectiveness of Mudra

The effectiveness of mudras can be intensified immensely with breathing. That's why it's so important to know what your breathing is doing. By understanding the following principles, you can influence the effectiveness of Mudra on your own needs. The importance of deep breathing  Pay attention to the symmetrical posture and keep your arms an inch away from your body. Even this position alone brings with it a sense of inner balance and harmony since it regulates the activity of the nervous system and the endocrine glands. [caption id="attachment_33191" align="alignnone" width="3795"] Effectiveness of mudra[/caption] Breathing and effectiveness of mudra In addition to carbon dioxide, we exhale more energy at a subtle level. Because of this, at the beginning of a mudra, you should always exhale vigorously several times to make room for what you want to achieve. Extend the pause in between the exhalation and inhalation. This is the most important aspe

What are Mudras? The Secret behind it

Meaning of Mudra Mudra is a term with many meanings. It is used to refer to a gesture, a mystical position of the hands, a seal or even a symbol. However, there are positions of the eyes, body positions and breathing techniques called mudras. These symbolic positions of the fingers, eyes and body can vividly represent certain states of consciousness or processes. Conversely, certain positions can also lead to the state of consciousness they symbolize. What does that mean in concrete terms? For example, a person who frequently and fervently performs the act of non-recklessness that is often seen in the representation of the deities of the Indians will also be freed from the intrepid over time. Thus, mudras attack certain areas of the brain and/or the soul and exert a corresponding influence on them. However, mudras are also physically active. We can effectively engage and influence our bodies and minds by bending, crossing, stretching or touching our fingers with other fingers. Is not i

Garuda Mudra, Benefits,How to do, Duration

What does Garuda Mudra mean? It is used to balance the energy of the air, or Vata, in the body, to generate inspiration and energize the yogi. The word Garuda means "eagle" in Sanskrit and Mudra means "gesture of". By activating blood circulation, This mudra tones and balances the Vata energy on both sides of the body. [caption id="attachment_33459" align="alignnone" width="500"] Garuda Mudra[/caption] The procedure of Practicing Garuda mudra To perform this mudra, hold the correct posture, place the right hand in the left hand and the right thumb around the seam of the other thumb. The mudra should resemble the wings of a bird, with palms facing you. Soften your shoulders and place your hands in front of your lower abdomen. Stop the mudra for ten breaths. Move your hands upwards and hold for 10 breaths in the navel and in the middle of the chest. This mudra should be done three times a day. The position of the hands in Garuda Mudra r

Pratyahara -The stage of Thoughtlessness

In Pratyahara, the mind is totally made silent or thoughtless detaching from all subjects and objects and prepared for the next stage of Dharna , in which the mind is concentrated on various energy centres and from that the aspirant enters the final stage of Dhyan or meditation . [caption id="attachment_33456" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Pratyahara[/caption] Pratyahara The main objective of Pratyahara is to train the mind to be thoughtlessness. The mind must stay away from different feelings, emotions and thoughts. The body must be without action and the mind must be at peace and free of thought. This state of mind and body is called Pratyahara.   How can one keep the mind without thinking of a state? There was no correct answer to this question. After practising and analyzing several existing methods, techniques and procedures, a systematic method has been successfully developed. The same procedure is followed here.   Consider the following phenomeno