Friday, October 16, 2015

Surabhi mudra

Surabhi mudra balances all the three humors and the five elements within the body.
Another name of Surabhi mudra is Kaamadhenu mudra and Tri-dosha nashak mudra,
The meaning of Surabhi is a cow, and the Kaamadhenu is a name of a cow in Indian Mythology, which fulfill all the wishes.
The significant benefit of Surabhi mudra is by regular practice you can achieve all your dreams and wishes.

How to do Surabhi Mudra:

Practicing this mudra is tough.

1. first of all you have to join the tip of the ring finger of each hand to the tip of little finger of your other hand. 

2. Join the tip of your index finger of each and to the tip of the middle finger of the other hand.

3.Then Touch the thumbs and lie side by side.

Tridosha-naashak or surabhi mudra
Tridosha naashak mudra

Duration for Surabhi mudra:

Regular practice of forty-five minutes is enough to get good results. You may take few breaks in between this.

There is no precautions for this mudra. You may practice this mudra to fulfill all your wishes in a short period of time.