Saturday, October 17, 2015

Prithvi mudra

prithvi mudra and its benefits
Prithvi mudra
Prithvi mudra is a particular kind of a mudra. It has two benefits at the same time. Prithvi mudra increases earth element and also decrease fire element. Prithvi mudra the only mudra that have this kind of properties.

Other names of Prithvi mudra are Prithvi-vardhak mudra and Agni-shamak mudra.

How to do Prithvi mudra:

1. Sit in any comfortable posture.

2. Then Join the tip of thumb finger with the tip of ring finger to form Prithvi mudra. Look at the Prithvi mudra picture.

How Prithvi mudra works:

The ring finger represents earth element, and thumb finger represents fire element. When you join the tips of thumb finger and ring finger the element in the thumb finger decrease and the element in the ring finger increases.

Practicing Prithvi mudra helps to increase earth element and also reduces fire element.

The earth element is an important part of bodily tissues like bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, flesh, muscles, tendons, internal organs, etc. Practicing Prithvi mudra helps to strengthen all these vital parts.

Earth element also play a significant role in nasal activities.Therefore, the practice of Prithvi mudra helps to heal all the disorders related nose and nasal disorders.

The earth element in a vital component of bodily humor Kapha. The practice of Prithvi mudra increases Kapha humor. Therefore, the practice of Prithvi mudra helps to heal all the disease caused due to Kapha deficiency.

The Agni element is related to body temperature and metabolism.  Prithvi-vardhak mudra decreases fire element within the body, and it helps to relieve disorders caused due to over active Agni, the disease like emaciations, fever, inflammation, etc.

The Agni element is also a vital component of bodily humor Pita. The decrease in the fire element reduces Pita humor. Therefore, the person whose bodily humor have an excess of pita can use this mudra to prevent illness.

Benefits of Prithvi Mudra:

Prithvi Mudra is very much beneficial in the treatment of following diseases.

1. General debility, chronic fatigue, convalescence.

2. Lack of stamina and endurance.

3. Emaciation, inexplicable weight-loss.

4. Osteoporosis osteomalacia( diminished bone density, rickets)

5. Degeneration of articular cartilage( Osteo Arthritis)

6.Fracture ( to expedite union)

7. Weak and atrophied muscles, myopathies.

8. Paralysis, poliomyelitis, paresis.

9 Burning, dry, cracked and mature skin problems.

10. Urticaria, Brittle nails and skin rashes.

11. Premature graying of hair and hair loss.

12. Burning in stomach, eyes, urine, anus, hands, head and feet.

13. Aphthous ulcers in the mouth and intestines.

14. Inflammatory diseases, fever, hypothyroidism and jaundice.

Duration of Prithvi mudra:

Forty-five minutes of practice is enough to get good results. You may take three to five breaks in between this forty-five minutes, and if you are a Kapha deficient person, then you may do it even longer hours.

Precautions of Prithvi Mudra:

If you are a Kapha Prakruti person, then do this mudra in moderation only.