Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Linga mudra benefits

Linga mudra and its benefits
Linga mudra

Linga is a Sanskrit term, and its meaning is the male genital organ. Practice this mudra increases fire element and Pita humor within the body.

How to do Linga Mudra:

1. First of all, sit in a comfortable posture.
2. Now, interlock the palms but keep the left thumb erect, pointing upwards. Look at the picture of Linga mudra.

How Linga mudra works:

Thumb finger represents the fire element. Practice if Linga mudra increases the fire element. 

Benefits of Linga Mudra:

Linga mudra is useful in the following conditions,

1. All the diseases caused due to over mucous. Diseases like, cold, wet cough, sinusitis, sticky stools.
2.Sexual debility and impotence in male.
3.Hypothermia, shivering and chills due to cold.
4. Asthma and all the seasonal respiratory diseases.

Duration for Linga Mudra:

Linga Mudra should be practice when you have necessity, and it should not be practiced on a regular basis. 30 to 60 minutes is enough to come over to these conditions, and you should stop when you overcome the disorders.

Precautions of Linga Mudra practice:

If you are a Pita humor person, then you should not practice Linga mudra. In hot conditions and if you have a fever don't do this mudra, Overusing this mudra causes heating of the body and sluggishness, lethargy.