Linga mudra benefits

Linga mudra and its benefits
Linga mudra 
Linga mudra:

Linga mudra is the best mudra to increase fire element in the body which helps to increase pitta humor.

How to perform linga mudra:

This mudra is very easy to perform,mudra is formed by interlocking the palms but keeping the left thumb erct,pointing upwards.

Impact of linga mudra on health:

Thumb represents fire element. Linga mudra helps reinforce fire.

Benefits and healing properties of linga mudra:

Linga mudra is very useful in the treatments of Shivering and chills due to intolerance of cold weather or hypothermia.

All the ailments caused due to accumulation of mucous in the body.

Diseases like sinusitis,wet cough,sticky stools can be over come through linga mudra.

 Asthma and other respiratory ailments that occur at the change of weather,
 Sexual debility in males.

This mudra can be practice only when necessary.30 minutes of practice is enough.

If you are suffering from fever or pitta prakarti then don't do this.